Application Suite

Modern Application Suite for Smart Manufacturing

Integrating with Smart World to deliver excellent user experience

Why should manufacturing use decades old legacy applications when the rest of the world is enjoying all the smart applications. We are committed to bring the same level of experience to the manufacturing world. Now getting the real-time insights of the entire site is as simple as looking at a missed call.

There is no victory in ‘still a few steps behind’, from ‘being too far away‘. Smart watches, mixed reality devices, voice assistant are already taking over, just using a web app is not enough. To make these features easily accessible, all Kypeco SaaS subscriptions include access to these applications.

Imagine a modern remote work environment in manufacturing.

Stay connected while traveling or working from remote. Arrgh… it can’t bring coffee!

Web Application

Excel at orchestrating a variety of features which help manufacturers improve various areas.

Web Application – Customisable Dashboards

Use advanced cloud based web application with modern aesthetics. A centralised place to look for line or site manufacturing activities and key insights like Big 6 losses, loss analysis for each hour at shopfloor and each production instance. Highlighting machine parameters that are critical with clear details of their impact on the planned production. One-click navigation between lines and sites to quickly see any trends or take actions. Create customised reports to see only what’s important to you and share that with team. With continuous feedback from industry experts and end-users, the platform is tailored to provide the best experience to manufacturers. Features like Line or centralised Site level dashboard, Quality Control Reports, shift, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports with customisable options provide everything you need at your click.

kypeco web application manufacturing dashboard

Web Application – Intelligent Analytics

Digital Shift Target boards with shift, daily, weekly or monthly view provide complete picture which is otherwise hidden in multiple tabs. In cases where adding production data is a manual process, one click entry provides great experience, specially when operator are doing it at the end of their shift. Work order scheduling with Agile boards, Gantt Charts, Calendar Style or spreadsheets, with key insights helps to create an intelligent plan. Open any job to drill down into its production trend, issues, quality control reports that were taken during its production. Open on large screens and enjoy the real-time updates. Measure, analyse and optimise the critical manufacturing processes using in-depth intelligent insights at each step.

kypeco web application shopfloor production board

Smart Devices

It’s not a Smart Manufacturing if data is not on Smart Devices.

Native Mobile Application

Native applications designed for Android and iOS platform to provide real-time updates on the go. Now enter key information from anywhere on the shop-floor. Key features such as Line Dashboard, work order schedule, shift target boards, shift reports, issues and concerns etc are available both the platforms. Send production updated directly from your phone – add reason for downtime or rejects, create issues or add comments and provide updates. Get real-time alerts of line status and take actions or updates of work orders and share it with customers, all right from your phone!

Kypeco Smart Manufacturing Touch Mobile Application

Native Tablet Application

Now put a smart device near the manufacturing line to provide one-touch functionality to operators. Track real-time performance, availability, quality and OEE degradation or breakdown and take actions in time. Having a manufacturing grade industrial tablet next to the machines keeps everyone informed about it’s status and everything that’s related to that line – running job, planned jobs, updates on the shift production board and a lot more. Quality Control managers can use the tablet application to create quality control reports (QCR) and it auto attaches the data with the running job on the line. Get flags and alerts for every poor quality record so operators never miss it.

Kypeco Smart Manufacturing Touch Application Tablet

Smart Watch Application

Well, you know web, phones and tablets are fine but smart watches are there for a reason – to get notified only for the most important information. With users feedback and experience, we have hand picked the key features and made them available on smart watches. A dashboard with current PAQO details and shift targets updates, a digital production board with hourly progress indicators and updates on the current work-order on the line. So you don’t miss out even when the hands are tied-up.

kypeco Industry4.0 smart watch application

Third-party Application Integration

Nothing is easier if it can’t fit in your environment. Stay connected the way you like and Kypeco will get you the information right there.

Kypeco Alexa Manufacturing Skills Integration

Amazon Alexa

Kypeco is an added skill to Amazon Alexa to provide key information about the manufacturing processes. And it keeps getting smarter with new skills added all the time.

Kypeco Manufacturing Universal Application

Microsoft Universal App

For users or environment where support to browser is limited. Experience the application like it’s native for your Operating System Windows or Mac. [beta release]

Kypeco Industry4.0 Shopfloor Office365 Integration

Single SignOn

Subscribed users can integrate that with their current Office365 environment and enjoy the single sign-on functionality right from your dashboard. [beta release]

Kypeco Industry4.0 Shopfloor Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams

Shift reports, line status, production updates etc. are business as usual. Now don’t open the web app and have them sent to Team’s Channel automatically.

Kypeco Manufacturing Slack Webhook Integration

Slack Notifications

Get key notification over Slack. Use your dashboard to add your Slack Channel details and config to get important updates right there. It’s that easy.

Kypeco Digital Shopfloor ERP Integration

ERP Integration

Kypeco can be integrated with the existing ERP system to fetch data. We can also facilitate customised integration at no extra cost to your subscription. It’s pure SaaS.

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