Eco-System designed for Advanced Manufacturing

Analyse and correlate information across all the dimensions of a manufacturing process to identify KPIs that that matter.

Long gone are the days when solutions in manufacturing industry work on decades old technologies, keeping siloed data with no real-time connected insights. Where information flows from one legacy application to another via mediums such as export-import of Excel sheets/csv, printed sheets, over emails, and many a times manually re-entering the data.

Kypeco’s end-to-end technology solution is tailored to bridge this exact cyber-physical gap. The power of machine learning and AI brings the insights in real-time, with every minute of production data. So, the decision aren’t based on a year-old analysis but an insightful comparison with the scheduled, historic and current manufacturing trend. 

Multi-Site Connectivity

Connect any site, geo-located anywhere in the world and get all those information thats only available while being on site. Check Lead-time with work order scheduling, create combined reports for waste management, process improvements, maintenance planning etc. It enables production managers plan and route orders between sites for faster production. Deliver products with unprecedented level of speed and turn local manufacturing into a competitive advantage.

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack global site management

Job Scheduling Agile Way

Adapt modern ways of managing work orders. Kypeco makes Agile way of manufacturing such as Lean production easily implementable. Simple drag and drop functionality of jobs make shift scheduling simpler and helps plan daily, weekly or monthly production. While it does so, a robust Gantt style, Calendar view and spreadsheet style layouts of any duration adds value to deep insights. It empowers the businesses to deliver products with unprecedented level of speed and personalisation, which, an overseas competitor cannot match.

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack agile work order management

Real-time Production Target Boards

A digital production board is every manufacturer’s dream and of course, a must have in Industry 4.0. Use real-time target boards for daily shift briefings, review manufacturing and OEE trend, Big 6 loss analysis, cost and reason analysis, shift work-orders and everything else you need to know about each shift. Not just that, Kypeco shows real-time production boards for shift, day, week, month, year of any given time period, for both the assembly line and the manufacturing site. No more data entry in Excel sheets and printed papers – it’s time to start Digital Manufacturing!

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack digital production board

Issues and Concerns Tracking

A inbuilt functionality to track the open issues and their progress. While some manufacturers might have their internal tools, the reason why an internal issue tracking feature is so important is that it natively connects with the data on the assembly line. So when there is a reject or a downtime, the responsible person can check all the details about the issue and also understand the line health related to that issue. Use the smart device application to attach photos, add more information and comments on any issue.

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack production issues tracker

Reporting and Insights

Auto generate Shift Reports with productivity metrics such as OEE, drill deeper into reasons that impact productivity to define actions that significantly drive change. Understand the trend of issues and identify machine parameters that are critical to maintenance. Create customise reports that matter for planned maintenance or print right from the dashboard. Intelligent insights with Big 6 analysis, Pareto analysis, Trend analysis and a lot more help to understand the machine health and foresee issues before they cause occur. Insights with minute and hour level granularity can help understand any degradation in performance, quality or the availability of the machine and improve its overall efficiency.

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack manufacturing shift report

Quality Control Reporting (QCR)

Store quality control data digitally to automatically attach it with real-time production data. It allows to track real-time batch and product traceability during manufacturing to ensure compliance in the event of a product quality audit, withdrawal or recall. Raise flags and create issues on any incorrect quality matrix to ensure that human error isn’t the reason of poor product quality. Attach quality report with work-order to ensure that quality standards were maintained when the job was being manufactured. Digitally sign and encrypt the quality reports to ensure its authenticity and gain customer’s trust.

Available on Web, Android and iOS Mobile and Tablet Application

kypeco app stack quality control reports


Native applications for smart devices to allow real-time connectivity with the manufacturing site.

Ready for Personalised Environment

Features are pre-baked but fully customisable. This ensures that users can tailor the product for their environment andUse meet the rapid changes during process improvements.

Control Every Production Activity

Up to every minute production

Have full control on production, reject and downtime data no matter what the source is. There are times when automation doesn’t provide correct data or is down. Kypeco supports full integration with IIoT but provides users a transparent environment so users can take the final call – because data accuracy is paramount.

Customise Standards Targets

Define your improved standards

Update performance, availability, quality and OEE targets anytime to reflect changes in the real-time data. Reports and alerts will always use latest standards to provide intelligent insights and raise alerts. However, this doesn’t change the historic data which given manufacturers the flexibility to see the trend of process improvements.

Set Your Naming Conventions

Your environment your style

Reduce the learning and training time of the digital world by setting up the names that you are used to off. Prefer calling it job order and not work order? It’s not a Shift Target Board its Pacing Board? This significantly reduces the time to adapt a new system and increases user experience as there is nothing new to run.

Use Your Environment Reason Codes

Bring your own reasons

Every environment is different and so are the reason which affect them. Now create multi-level reason codes to better understand how each category is impacting your environment and where you need to put your money. Use smart touch devices to quickly enter the correct reason code so you what it is that you need to improve.

Quick WorkOrder Management

Create intelligent schedules

Reduce job change over time by using the smart scheduling. Both Agile or Lean manufacturing have their own benefits but the job scheduling needs to be simple and customisable. Where there is no integration possible, Kypeco provides a simple CSV upload functionality with full control over the job property mapping.

Create Digital Twins

Simulate and Improve

Now foresee how the future of that shift look like. Run a shift, make some mistakes and then change the plan and iterate again – until it’s perfect. And all that without affecting the actual production. Creating a Digital Twin of one shift or a work schedule helps manufacturers simulate the environment and rectify any issues.

Upcoming Release Plan

Future is exciting and at Kypeco, we like it that way. We are committed to bring advanced tech to the manufacturing world and implement Industry 4.0 practices. Our latest plans involve AR/VR/MR (aka XR) to our eco-system to visualise the Digital Twin of the real-time production and it’s data. Once these features make to public release, they will be made available to all subscribed manufacturers. To access the pre-release features and part of our Beta Programme, please let our team know [email protected]

kypeco advanced industry 4.0 feature release

Analytics and AI

Power of Machine Learning and Advanced Integration

Productivity Analytics, Line Maintenance and Quality Issues are mostly the top 3 areas to focus improve the OEE. Analyse trends, drill down to the root cause that are critical to the maintenance and improved product quality. Whether it’s for one line or the entire site, it’s real-time.

Multi-dimensional (Correlation) Analytics provides detailed analysis of data that is impossible to understand without the additional parameters. There are dozens of in-built reports such as – issues by SKU with their respective occurrences, impact and loss occurred.

Scheduled Reports and automated alerts allow manufacturers to get a PDF reports or print one should they need. Link with your existing environment to have the alerts and reports sent over to Slack or Microsoft Teams. Never miss an insight while working on your favourite tools.

Want to see it in actions?

Screenshots are good but using the product in real-time is just another level.
The experience will worth every moment.