Digital Collaboration of Shopfloor Workforce

Shopfloor Intelligence - Connect. Analyze. Automate.

Digitalize your production boards on the shopfloor with our NextGen Smart Manufacturing Solution - MES. Interconnect all departments, gain real-time insights, automate report creation with ML and AI.

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MES Shopfloor Data Monitoring with Automated Reports

Integrated Production Planning

No more siloed WO schedules. Get transparent insights communicated in real-time.

Automated Reporting

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry and manual calculation

Real-Time Analytics

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry and manual

Take your manufacturing to the next level with Shopfloor Intelligence. Say goodbye to manual report creation, disconnected departments, and outdated production boards.

Smart Manufacturing, for a Smarter Future

Strategy + Execution = Manufacturing Brilliance

Digitalize your production boards with Shopfloor Intelligence. Say goodbye to disconnected departments, manual report creation, and outdated technology.

Workflow Management for Shopfloor Intelligence and Insights with MES

Say goodbye to inefficiencies, errors, and delays with Kypeco.

Maximize efficiency with our AI-powered solutions, reducing manual tasks and transforming data into actionable insights.

Why waste time and energy manually entering data into Excel, when you can automate with an MES?

From Excel to Excellence –> Shopfloor for Today.

Modern MES Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing Efficiency

Optimize your manufacturing efficiency with innovative solutions and smart MES technologies.


Equipment Utilization

Maximize your equipment utilization and reduce downtime with predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring.

Predictive Maintenance with cloud MES

Predictive Maintenance

Leverage predictive maintenance to minimize downtime and prevent equipment failures by using AI and IoT technologies.

Smart Manufacturing Practices with Kypeco MES

Smart Manufacturing Practices

Implement smart manufacturing practices, such as digital twin and collaborative robots, to improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

Lean Manufacturing Strategy

Lean Manufacturing Strategy

Create a lean manufacturing strategy to streamline processes and minimize waste, while maximizing output and quality.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Monitor performance metrics in real-time and continuously improve processes with the latest MES technologies, such as AI and ML.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,
we provide you the power you need.

Integration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystemIntegration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystem


Aggregation Levels








Configuration Time

Digital Production Boards
Your one-stop-collaboration-shop for Shopfloor.

Access, Transparency, and Real-time - three pillars of Agility on one dashboard. A unique way of accumulating and representing data, so you never have to write Excel formulae again. Acquire data once, and let Kypeco do all the Maths and generate all the reports.

You bring yourself a coffee!

See the magic of Kypeco's Digital Production Board

Keep Whiteboards for brainstorming, not to capture the data.
Use the slider and compare the difference!

With papers and whiteboards
Comparison image of paper based manual operations
When you use Kypeco!
Comparison image of modern digital manufacturing solution
*All enterprise plans have 'Videowall Mode' included, tailored for 1x2, 2x2 and 2x3 display matrix.

FYI: Just Excel sheets are no longer digital.


Data Points




Production Board Dashboards


Number of




Maintenance Tasks Organizers

18 Levels

Put your maths on automation.

Kypeco gets you insights at all levels.
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Exhaustion and Calculations make a tiring combo.

Let your team relax at the end of their shift.

Leave Manual Entry and Paperwork Behind

Connect. Automate. Optimize.

Real-time Monthly Production Pacing Board in Kypeco Digital Manufacturing Solution

Connect IIoT Devices

Streamline your data collection process and gain insights from your connected devices.

Retain Workforce

Modern workforce are young and they love to work on modern tool. Give them what they love.

Remove Paper

Replace paper-based processes with digital tools for streamlined data collection and analysis.

Save Manual Entry

Eliminate the need for manual data entry with easy data acquisition to reduce errors and save time.

5+ Boards

Give you more time to do things, that matter.

Digital Intelligence is Happiness.

A whiteboard is like a rain delay in baseball, hit a home run with Kypeco.

Win your shifts with Kypeco Digital Solution

Embrace the Future with Kypeco's Digital Production Logbook

Digital Logbook - Whiteboard to Colorful board!

Digital Production Logbook in Kypeco MES for modern manufacturing
Real-Time Data Tracking

Monitor production data in real-time to gain valuable insights into your operations and optimize your processes.

Streamlined Data Collection

Simplify your data collection strategy with Kypeco's Data Acquisition Platform (DAP), reducing errors and saving time.

Improved Production Traceability

Increase traceability and compliance with a digital logbook that tracks production data and ensures accuracy.

Enhanced Collaboration

Foster collaboration between teams with a Digital Logbook to enables real-time updates and insights.

Transform raw data into actionable insights with intelligent algorithms

Make AI and ML work alongside

Kypeco MES line dashboards for modern manufacturing

Set the Target

Track the availability of equipment and materials for production targets.

Critical Calculations

Keep your team focused on tasks at hand by getting rid of doing Math.

Detect Anomaly

Identify anomalies detected using deviations from expected patterns.


Data Science is your friend in MES.

Get smart insights in real-time.

Envision Manufacturing Brilliance

Where AI and ML infuse your manufacturing and MES.

Unearth the hidden secrets of your factory to unlock greater efficiency and performance!

Find the hidden factory with modern MES system

Do you have a Hidden Factory?

Are you using your factory to it’s full capacity?

Buying new equipments or adding more lines might not always be the best solution. We help you achieve the maximum effectiveness of your current environment.

Calculate the Impact
of legacy applications or paperbased system in your operations.

Experience a transformation in Shopfloor efficiency with our Digital Manufacturing Solution

Accelerate Manufacturing with Shopfloor Intelligence

Eliminate outdated whiteboards and paper-based systems. Embrace the future of smart manufacturing with instant data visibility and improved production control.

Make Smarter Decisions with Shopfloor Intelligence - Get Started Now!


Say goodbye to manual entry and tracking. Our Production Pacing Board seamlessly digitalizes your Shopfloor data for accurate, real-time production insights.

Kypeco smart watch MES application


Gain full production visibility, allowing for proactive monitoring and quick adjustments to meet targets.


Increase efficiency by identifying bottlenecks and streamlining workflows in real-time.

Kypeco smart application on iphone for manufacturers


Foster team collaboration by providing access to crucial data for informed decision-making.


Modern MES application to support work for home

Easily adapt and scale your operations as business needs evolve with our flexible solution.

Unlock Insights and Optimize Your Shopfloor with Kypeco

Shopfloor Intelligence for Smarter Production

Our shop floor intelligence solution collects and analyzes data to help you optimize your shop floor operations, reduce downtime, and increase efficiency.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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