Smart Work Order Management

Streamline Your Work Orders with Modern MES

Kypeco takes the hassle out of work order management by automating workflows and streamlining your production process.

Efficient Work Order Management, Made Easy

Say goodbye to manual work order management and hello to a smarter, more efficient process with our modern MES solution.

Smart Work Order Management on Kypeco's Agile Board

Maximize Production

Maximize your production efficiency with our smart work order management solution.

Simplify Scheduling

Simplify your work order management process with our modern MES solution.

Optimize Workflow

Optimize your production workflow with our smart work order management solution.

Automate Processes

Automate your work order management process with our modern MES solution.

It's like a well-choreographed dance for your manufacturing operations

Master the Art of Smart Work Orders Scheduling

Automate Scheduling

Automate Scheduling

Automate scheduling with AI-powered algorithms to optimize resource allocation and reduce lead times.

Maximize Productivity

Maximize Productivity

Maximize productivity with real-time updates and status tracking to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Streamline Maintenance

Streamline Maintenance

Maintenance with predictive analytics and ML to ensure machine availability throughout the job-run.

Identify Failure Reasons by SKU with Kypeco's Smart Work Order Scheduling

Discover the Best Line for the Job

Discover best production line for SKU in Kypeco MES

Capabilities by SKU

Identify which SKUs can be produced on each line.

Schedule by SKU

Schedule Jobs on the production lines that are best suited for them.

Optimize Scheduling

Improve your overall Job scheduling process and drive profitability.

Feedback Loop

Use the insights to plan for line upgrades and future investments.

The more you implement, the more you save. Time is money - we can’t generate but can surely save.


Level Insights


Level Insights




Rate Insights





Discover the Power of Smart Work Order Scheduling with Kypeco

Eliminate Manual Guesswork in Job Scheduling

Gantt style work order schedule visualization in modern solutions

Historic Data Loop

Analyze your production lines to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and gain valuable insights that inform your work order scheduling decisions.

Find Best Lines

With data-driven insights, schedule work orders on the production lines that are best suited for the job, optimizing efficiency and productivity.

Gain High Throughput

Optimize your manufacturing process with smart work order scheduling, reducing downtime and increasing overall efficiency.


Easy-to-use Work-Order Scheduler

Pick your best style and Kypeco will match it!

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Kypeco mobile phone MES application for OEE monitoring
Kypeco mobile phone MES application for Work Order Management

There's no tired like shift worker tired, except maybe shift worker paperwork tired.

This one works 24/7 with the same efficiency.

Jobs Scheduling

Automation and ML algorithms, enables intelligent scheduling based on line efficiency and historical data. Kypeco facilitates scheduling based on the machine's ability to manufacture specific SKU, further improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Transform your manufacturing process with smart work order scheduling with ease and experience the smooth operations.

One Shift - 8 hours or 12 hours

Don’t get confused
Choosing a Scheduler

From simple Agile board to Gantt or Calendar. Pick whatever you like. All of them do the same job. Better.


Easy-to-use Scheduler

Smart phone app to manage work orders on Shopfloor

Where to Schedule?

Maximizes the use of resources and ensures that the most important tasks are completed first.

Missing Deadlines?

Prioritizing work orders using real-time data helps meet production deadlines and deliveries.

Save countless hours of manual data entry

ERP & E-Commerce

Say goodbye to the hassles of manual work-order entry and embrace the ease of a modern platform! Integrating existing ERP or E-commerce systems with our platform is a breeze - all your work orders can be imported automatically or within a few clicks.

Say Goodbye to End-of-Shift Paperwork Nightmares! Stop the pain of manual reporting and make end-of-shift a breeze.

One Shift - 8 hours or 12 hours

Optimize Workflow.
Increase Productivity.

Improve operational efficiency by optimizing the time and sequencing of work-orders.

<1 min

To Import Work Orders

integration with ERP system to the agile board jobs management

Standard Procedures

Meet production goals by emphasizing standardization and optimizing the workflows.

Agile Transformation

Get feedback on a loop to drive continuous improvement on work orders for better outcomes.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence,
we provide you the power you need.

Integration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystemIntegration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystem


Data points




Production Board Dashboards


of Reports




To Import Work Orders from the ERP system.

No manual entry. A few clicks and you are done!
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Plan smarter with Agile scheduling, interactive visualizations, and flexible planning options.

Agile Scheduling:
Get the right job done,
at the right time, every time.

Modern Agile Boards for Jobs Management like a SCRUM board for Shopfloor

Agile Board Scheduling

Simplify your production scheduling with agile board scheduling that allows you to easily manage and prioritize jobs on-the-go.

A calendar style Work Order management

Calendar Style Visualization

Stay on top of your Shopfloor production schedule with a calendar-style visualization that provides a clear overview of your work orders and deadlines.

Gantt style visualization for Work Order Management for production managers

Gantt Style Planning

Plan and run the schedule with ease using a Gantt-style planning feature that enables you to create and manage jobs, dependencies, and timelines.

Stylish spreadsheets for shopfloor production planning for operations managers

Spreadsheet Scheduling

Get even more flexibility with our spreadsheet-style scheduling feature that allows you to view, edit, and update your jobs in a familiar, intuitive format.

Revolutionize shopfloor work order management with our Smart Solution

Empower Your Shopfloor with Intelligent WO Management

Streamline work order management, reduce errors, and drive efficiency with our advanced Smart Work Order Management solution designed for modern manufacturers.

Efficiently manage work orders with our user-friendly solution. Try it now!


Automate work order generation, assignment, and tracking, reducing manual intervention and errors, while increasing overall shopfloor efficiency and productivity.

Smart watch app to check jobs updates


Access real-time work order status, enabling rapid response to changes and improved decision-making.


Integrate with existing systems for smooth data flow and reduced process disruptions.

Smart app for tablet to monitor work orders on shopfloor


Accommodate unique Shopfloor requirements with our customizable work order management solution.


Bespoke smart app on tablets for Shopfloor

Leverage powerful analytics to identify trends, optimize processes, and drive continuous improvement.

Simplify Your Work Order Management with Kypeco

Smart Solution for Smart Jobs Management

Our smart work order management solution streamlines your work order processes, reduces errors, and increases productivity. Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

Optimize your work order management with our smart solution. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to a new level of efficiency.

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