Visually appealing reports are informative and insightful!

Digital Reports to turn Numbers into Narratives

Get tired of tedious reporting processes, complicated charts and graphs, and scattered data? Our intelligent reports provide you with the insights you need to make informed decisions that drive your business forward.

Intuitive. Stunning. Intelligent.

Transform your data story and revamp your narrative with stunning and intelligent periodic auto-generated reports to fit your specific needs.

Beautiful manufacturing reports after priting

Effortless Data Acquisition for Reports

No more manual data collection on papers and collating Excel sheets, and break the siloed data for reports.

Customize the INsights for all your reports

Select what you want to see and in a few clicks get detailed insights in your manufacturing reports.

Put Reports Generation process on autopilot

Sit back and relax while Kypeco generates reports for you, saving time and increasing productivity.

Data-driven decisions with the consulting cost

Get real-time insights on your manufacturing process, enabling faster decision-making.

Where manufacturing data weaves a tale of innovation

Delivering everything you need, to know anything you want

Visualize Data

Visualize Data

Visualize data with customized reports to tell a story of your manufacturing.

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Improve Processes

Improve Processes

Improve processes with data-driven decisions.

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Optimize Efficiency

Optimize Efficiency

Optimize efficiency with real-time monitoring and predictive analytics.

Be the all-seeing eye of your manufacturing process using automated reports!

Revolutionizing Manufacturing with Digital Reports

Kypeco MES customize reports for PDF export
Improved Production Efficiency

Real-time data in digital reports enables quick decision-making, reducing downtime and increasing production rates.

Enhanced Quality Control

Closely monitor production processes, identify defects, and take corrective measures, reducing the risk of recalls.

Increased Data Transparency

Greater transparency into production processes, to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.

Effective Cost Savings

Reduce manual data collection, optimize processes, and reduce waste, resulting in lower labor and production costs.

Plan smarter with Agile scheduling, interactive visualizations, and flexible planning options.

Simplify Reporting and Elevate Your Manufacturing from -
Raw Data to Strategic Decisions.

Manufacturing Summary Graph in modern MES solution

Production Summary Report

Simplify production process with customizable production summary reports that provides a clear overview of the operations.

Four graphs for PAQO monitoring on shopfloor

Trend Analysis Reports

Identify patterns and make informed decisions with trend analysis reports to get valuable insights into your operations.

Production loss due to failure graph in Industry 4.0 solution

Failure Reasons Analysis Report

Take proactive measures to prevent failures with intelligent reports that provide insights into the root causes of failures.

Asset utilization summary graph in smart solution

Assets Utilization Report

Optimize assets & improve overall efficiency with assets utilization reports to track the performance of assets.


Get the report you want, quickly.

We all see the same data differently. That’s why we provide visualization for everyone!

Want to leave on time without creating the shift report? Get Kypeco to work for you.

Uncover Manufacturing Trends with Auto-generated
Digital reports - With No Delay!

Analyze reports offered by Kypeco, providing deeper insights into operations and critical data points. It handles report generation for you so you can focus on what really matters - boosting your production!

Want to give a personal touch?

Give a personal touch by customized branding available, and share with colleagues and management, leading to informed business decisions.

Single-Click for complex tasks

Instantly access reports with a single click - no more calculations and doc formatting.

An automated platform

Now you can forget to send the monthly reports on time. Let Kypeco do it for you!

Plentiful pool of understandings

1, 5, 10? No! It’s more than 50 insights! Try which better suits your needs.

Automated reports exported for team collaboration

Digital reports: turning manufacturing into a paperless paradise.
Less clutter, more efficiency, and an eco-friendly bonus.

Circulating paper-based reports can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Why not try digital reports instead? With Kypeco, easily share information with your team members in a matter of seconds, saving you time and effort.

Go for an eco-friendly option

No more papers! Export periodic reports to PDF, or send via an email with a single click. It's your choice! Or, you can simply put this on automation. Kypeco will do this for you.

Go Paperless

Say goodbye to paper waste and simplify your operations with digital reports based on data.

Enhanced Teamwork

Boost your team's communication and collaboration through transparency in your processes.

Punctual Reporting

Ensure timely delivery of your reports by scheduling them in advance, and enjoy the convenience of receiving them on time.

Digital reports dashboard in reports

Simplify Report Generation with an Automated Report by our Modern MES

Generate Reports Effortlessly with Digital Reports

Save time on report generation and focus on manufacturing with Digital Reports. Get periodic reports without manual effort.

Get Real-Time Insights with Digital Reports - Boost Efficiency Now!


Maximize your manufacturing time by eliminating the need for manual report generation. Focus on production and let automated reporting handle the rest. Be free to solve the root cause!

Smart tablet app showing MTBF, MTBR and MTTR


Automate the report generation process by scheduling them using Advanced Reporting.


Say goodbye to the hassle of manual calculation and report generation.

Modern apps to allow planning while traveling


Gain valuable insights with periodic reports generated by Digital Reports.


Manufacturing trend report with modern solution

Streamline your manufacturing process with Auto-generated Reports.

Unlock Valuable Insights with Kypeco's Automated Intelligent Reports

Automated Intelligent and Stunning Reports

Our automated intelligent reports utilize machine learning and AI to generate real-time insights, optimize your operations, and reduce errors. Get stunning visualizations, gain valuable insights, and optimize your workflows for smarter manufacturing.

Contact us to learn how it can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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