Bespoke MES to fit Industry 4.0 standards

Flexibility, scalability, and complete customization

Our white-label MES platform lets you customize reports, branding, and more, ensuring your factory's unique needs and style are always in focus. Plus, easy-to-use training means getting up to speed is a breeze.

No More Training Headaches!

A user-friendly MES platform is so intuitive, your workforce can start using it without any training. Say goodbye to frustrating onboarding and hello to seamless operations.

White label configuration in SaaS based MES platform

Minimal Training

Modern User Experience for modern teams.

Fully Configurable

An MES that adapts your processes.

MES Your Way

Fully customizable MES for maximum impact.

Brand Your MES

Make your MES a reflection of your brand.

The canvas for boundless configuration, so you can make an MES Platform - uniquely yours.

Offering Customization, Tailored to your vision

Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition

Custom domain, logo, color, and theme features provide the ability to brand the MES in the way you and your team love.

Efficient Access

Efficient Access

Single Sign-On feature provides efficient and secure access to the software, reducing login time and ensuring data security.

Data Security

Data Security

Access Control feature provides granular control over user access, ensuring data security and compliance with regulations.

Flexible Data Display

Flexible Data Display

Configure Videowall for meeting rooms to enhance data visualization and enable better decision-making, visibility, and collaboration.

ERP Metadata Mapping

ERP Metadata Mapping

Customize ERP properties to enable tailoring the MES to specific manufacturing needs, improving efficiency and productivity.

Use Stunning Reports

Use Stunning Reports

Pre-built reports to put the color and brand of your manufacturing and engage your teams and dazzle your board members.

From Import to Optimization - Achieve Production Efficiency with Kypeco's Platform

Configure Kypeco's Platform to Your Manufacturing Needs

Configure Machine Failure reasons with dashboard

Import SKUs & Jobs

Streamline your data entry process and improve accuracy by importing SKUs and work orders directly into the platform.

Import Failure Reasons

Identify and fix production issues quickly by importing failure reasons for each line or site and gaining valuable insights.

Production Multiplication

Improve your production efficiency and optimize your output by importing the production multiplication of each line.

It's like Coffee, everyone has a taste.

Configure over Customize!

With over 300 configurable properties, Kypeco allows you to make it your own like it is designed ground-up, keeping your manufacturing processes in mind.

Show me the platform applications

Make it work with your process.

Configure Kypeco to fit your manufacturing processes. It can fit in easily from Work Orders to Shopfloor production failure reasons.

Customize MES platform from browser saas app

Make it to work with your teams.

Configure it to get along with your teams and speak their language - from internal key terms to comments failures.

use modern mes application on smart watch

Make it work for you.

Configure it to deliver the reports and insights you need when you need them. It's there to help you become more productive.

Enjoy modern digital solution on smart phone

Upgrade to the Cloud MES platform.

It's like a paperless party up there.

Two manufacturing workforce analysing data with modern manufacturing solution

Configure by Site, Line, and User Role to Meet Your Business Needs with Kypeco

A Business Wide MES Configuration

Manage all users with enterprise grade manufacturing platform
Flexible Site Configuration

Configure Kypeco for each site or multiple sites together, tailoring your data, insights and access for each location.

Per Production Line Configuration

Further configure Kypeco, with line-specific configuration for greater control and granularity over your data.

Bring All Domain Users Together

Connect all domain users to the platform for a wider collaboration. Configuring it to meet their specific needs and requirements.

User Role-Based Access Control

Maintain complete control over who can access and edit data by configuring user role-based access control.

Smart tablet app for all production workforce

Integrate your entire Business

Never leave a site or line behind. Smart Manufacturing is a unified approach.


Time to add a new site


Time to add a new line


Configure WorkOrders


Put Your Brand

Tailor Your User Experience with Customization: Design Our Platform Your Way!

Customize and configure - the way you like it.

A white-labeled platform that offers full customization and branding options. This enhance your brand identity, and with language localization and workflows, you can create a tailored solution that aligns with your business processes. Experience the power of a platform that truly represents your brand - with Kypeco.

Production KPIs & OEE Benchmarks

Revolutionize production with customized KPIs & OEE Benchmarks. Prioritize critical issues, optimize resources, and achieve better results.

Eco-friendly manufacturing solution icon of Kypeco

PAQO Failure Reasons

One-time process of setting up reasons applicable to your manufacturing process; get periodic updates on each to streamline the process.

Work-Order SKU

Define SKUs with their production rate and cost. Once defined, you can set up work-orders with a single tap, providing real-time visibility.


Import all equipment used in the production processes with estimated time to repair and replace to maintain a lifetime of equipment.

Production Targets

Do you produce to stock and sell and operate without work orders? Optimize production processes by setting hourly production targets once.

There's no tired like shift worker tired. Or paperwork tired.

Get Kypeco and automate the reporting.

A manufacturing worker is super tired after long shift and manual paper work

Smart Manufacturing Solutions Customized for Your Manufacturing

Tailored to Your Unique Process and Branding

Our white label manufacturing solutions provide a customizable and flexible option for your business needs. Easily configure and customize the solution based on your specific requirements and branding guidelines.

Contact us to learn how our white label solutions can benefit your manufacturing operations.

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