Achieve your Industry 4.0 vision with our next-gen MES, streamlining processes and automating Shopfloor reporting for an interconnected future.

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Top leadership can save time with Kypeco MES

Empower Top Leadership

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry.

Achieve Industry 4.0

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry and manual calculation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Improved data visibility, eliminating manual data entry and manual.

Embrace the pinnacle of smart manufacturing, where our cutting-edge MES solution turns top leadership's visions into tangible, data-driven reality.

Roadmap to Smart Industry REadiness

Achieve Industry 4.0 Transformation

Navigate the digital transformation with confidence, guided by AI-driven insights and seamless interconnectivity. Experience the ultimate convergence of technology and human touch, addressing pain points for a truly modernized Shopfloor environment.

Top manufacturing leadership using digital tools in a meeting room

Become the Magnet for Fresh Talent

Get rid of the papers and whiteboards - let your team enjoy the modern digital experience they crave, and secure your place as an industry innovator.

Connect all your Manufacturing Units with One Platform and make your Business an Innovation Hub.

Integration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystemIntegration of manufacturing environment with Kypeco Platform ecosystem

The more you implement, the more you save. Time is money - we can’t generate but can surely save.




Save Hours in
Daily Reports


Save Hours in
Weekly Reports


Save Hours in
Monthly Reports


Save Hours in
Quarterly Reports


Save Hours in
Yearly Reports

Embrace digital manufacturing and empower your organization.

Use Kypeco - it's where data meets action.

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How does Kypeco help the top leadership?

It's the era of Industry 4.0 and you are the leader. Redefine it with digital manufacturing prowess.

Kypeco is designed to transform your manufacturing operations, leading the way to digital transformation. As a top leader, you understand the importance of embracing technological advancements and staying ahead of the competition. With Kypeco, you can achieve a competitive edge and lead the way in the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry.

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Global Connectivity

Remotely Manage Multiple Sites

Manage multiple manufacturing sites remotely by connecting them to a modern SaaS platform. Monitor and operate all your factories globally with one centralized MES.

Production Site-Wide Connectivity

Access insights on all your production machines and lines across different locations by connecting them to a centralized SaaS platform. Remotely monitor and manage your factories, analyze production data, and make informed decisions.

Industrial IoT Connected Sites

Smart factory with interconnected machines (SCADA, PLC, IIoT sensors) connected to Azure/AWS via MQTT for real-time insights into the production process.

IT/OT Convergence

Bridge the gap between IT and OT by using an easy-to-integrate platform, eliminating the need for multiple legacy integrations.

Inter and Intra Site Collaboration

Collaborate with data and bring all your teams on the same page to improve overall production processes across all manufacturing sites.

Executive Reports

Annual Executive Reports

Automate annual report generation for executives. Data-backed insights aid informed decision-making and budget planning, saving time and money.

Create Transformation Project Reports

Easily track process improvement with in-app IX projects and regular progress reports. AI and ML provide deeper insights for data-driven decisions.

Real-time Annual Production Board

Get real-time production target visibility with dashboards, enabling early actions to meet goals.

Automated Quarterly Reports

Receive quarterly reports automatically via email to support and drive internal Lean or Agile projects with data, making them successful.

Production Loss Analysis

Reduce manufacturing losses by utilizing detailed analysis provided by ML and AI across all units. Take timely action based on insights to improve overall efficiency.

Manufacturing Digitalization

ML and AI-Driven Decisions

Adopt emerging tech and Big Data processing for manufacturing optimization. Reduce downtime, improve efficiency, and streamline operations.

Production KPI Reports

Set clear manufacturing KPIs to establish performance expectations and monitor progress toward goals. Automate reports to quickly identify and address any key issues or areas of improvement.

Modern Smart Factory Standards

Implement the key practices of the smart factory with a modern digital manufacturing platform (MES) to make your manufacturing paperless, connected, and backed with insights by ML and AI.

Advanced Shopfloor Automation

Automate data acquisition and gain shopfloor insights with connected devices that bridge cyber-physical gaps, enhancing data-driven automation in your manufacturing process.

Digital Data Twin

Utilize data to create a digital twin of your production environment, enabling you to gain insights through What-If scenarios and take proactive actions based on data-driven insights.

Industry Transformation Projects

Digital Manufacturing Practices

Replace paper, whiteboards, and Excel with a smart MES platform accessible via native mobile apps and the web, bringing Industry 4.0 to your manufacturing environment.

Continuous Improvement Projects

Real-time automated reports can drive continuous improvement and reduce the need for expensive consulting to gather insights.

Implement Lean Manufacturing

Implement Lean Manufacturing by gaining key production insights for all SKUs and production lines. This includes identifying areas for improvement, reducing waste, and optimizing workflows.

Implement Agile Manufacturing

Leverage local proximity for faster deliveries and reduce job backlogs and turnaround time while meeting customer demand with greater agility.

Process Optimization

Simplify your manufacturing process by replacing legacy systems with a centralized system that provides real-time information at all levels.

All benefits for the Top Leadership Team

Connect all your production sites with one platform to innovate through collaboration.


Shift Report


Daily Report


Weekly Report


Monthly Report


Quarterly Report


Yearly Report

Global technology benchmark - An INTERESTING OBSERVATION

The 3B Maturity Benchmark is a way to evaluate the performance of factories and plants, comparing them to the best-in-class, the average, and those that are behind in the manufacturing industry. It serves as a standard for the global manufacturing community.

Most companies (90%) struggle with the Technology aspect (aka Building Block), as per the SIRI Framework and RAMI 4.0 standards. These companies perform better in Process and Organization, which are the other two main blocks of the framework. In the Technology section, these companies score an average of 1 Band or less as compared to the other 9 dimensions, indicating they Technology has much room for improvement.

Intelligent shopfloor for a smarter manufacturing future.

Insights that the Top Leadership needs.

As a leader, your focus is on driving your factory forward. Kypeco can help you do just that with powerful features designed to boost efficiency, improve the manufacturing process, and enhance your bottom line. Discover the power of modern manufacturing with a smart solution today!

Site Line Monitoring

Remotely monitor manufacturing process across multiple locations from a single and centralized dashboard.

Annual Production Board

Less than 1 min to generate the reports for the entire year. Plan your production efficiency and make informed decisions.

Executive Reports

Identify areas where you can reduce costs, optimize resource utilization, and ultimately, increase profitability.

White-Labeled Platform

Customize your platform configuration by site and line, work-order SKUs and failure reasons to report and analyse.

Improve Smart Industry Readiness

If Technology is what you need to improve, Kypeco can help you achieve automation, connectivity and the intelligence you need.

Enterprise Standards

With the best-in-class platform, Kypeco keeps you up-to-date with the technology advancements in the manufacturing world.

Solution for

Analyse and correlate information across all the dimensions of your manufacturing.
Optimized production, improved efficiency, and increased profitability – all with a nextGen MES.

Re-defining Manufacturing Workplaces for
Modern Workforce

Transform your workplace for a smarter, more efficient tomorrow.

What are the smart applications in Kypeco MES?

Smart apps and devices for modern manufacturing workplaces
The challenges for leaders without a modern MES?
The lack of Innovation and everything that follows.

The leaders in manufacturing industry need to have their finger on the pulse of every aspect of their business, and without a digital MES solution, this can be a significant challenge. They face challenges in balancing productivity, cost control, and workforce engagement while navigating the rapidly changing technological landscape.

Competition without data, is a struggle!

The inability to innovate and stay ahead of the competition can leave the leaders struggling to keep their business relevant in the marketplace.

Inability to make strategic decisions

Results in missed opportunities and an inability to respond quickly to changes in the market.

Limited ability to innovate

Lack of differentiation and difficulty in attracting and retaining customers.

Difficulty in managing risk

Leads to financial losses, reputational damage, and an inability to meet customer expectations.

Kypeco on video wall in the production planning meeting
Don't Just Lead the Innovation in your Business.
Redefine it with the Modern Digital Manufacturing Platform.

Kypeco provides data and insights that are needed to make strategic decisions, manage risk to gain a competitive advantage, position the industry for growth, and become leaders in a competitive market.

Executive Reports - with no delay!

Analyze reports offered by Kypeco, providing deeper insights into operations and critical data points. Executive reports to plan things in advance.

Strategic decision-making

Make strategic decisions that drive growth, profitability, and innovation.

Risk management

Manage risk related to production processes, and other key areas, reducing the likelihood of financial losses.

Competitive advantage

Stay ahead of the competition, innovate more effectively, and meet changing customer needs quickly.

Key manufacturing reports for the executives in manufacturing


Improvement Projects with AI.

Make your next project data-driven!
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Lead Industrial
Transformation (IX)

Implemented in the Modern Manufacturing Solution.

Lead Your Manufacturing Strategy with Digital Manufacturing Solution

Kypeco MES for Innovative Leadership

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